Tuesday, August 09, 2005

I saw this video called the “Journey of man” for Cross-Cultural today. It’s about how this geneticist manages to find that all of us in the world come from the same ancestors. And he knows all this from our DNA in our blood. It’s interesting how there is a certain “marker” in our DNA which is caused by mutation. It’s this “marker” that shows the history of mankind in it as the exact “marker” is passed down from one generation to another therefore it is possible to trace it back to its origins.

According to the video, Africa is the birthplace of the first humans on earth. It seems that from there, a small portion of the first tribe migrated to other lands. From there, they adapted to the weather and kinda mutated I guess, into all the different races around the world today.

Now, when I was watching the video, and it was revealed that our first ancestors were from a tribe in Africa. And the first thing that came into my mind was “Wow, this is not only rewriting history but also religion?”

Why did I think that way? Well, read the first chapter of the bible, the Genesis, about how God created Adam and Eve. Then look at the illustrations (from Christian books) of Adam and Eve. Don’t get what I mean? I do not know if it was on purpose or not, but Adam and Eve were portrayed as Whites. But our DNA reveals that our ancestors were dark skinned or Black (excuse my labels here; I know they are offensive but I can’t think of any other words that can carry my message across clearly).

So does this mean that God, really made Man Black? If that is true, won’t the Whites have a lot to explain about discrimination (not to mention slavery) of the Blacks because they claim to be the “higher” beings? And what about the thousands of years when they were creating stereotypes, if I may say, about associating the colour black with negative elements? Surely if God created Man Black, could he have favored the colour more?

As you could’ve seen by now, I am kinda against Christianity. But don’t get me wrong, I was once inclined towards Christianity (I think I still am though) and I do read the bible and went to church (though it was rather traumatizing for me… I have no idea why). I guess I just don’t see the logic in them having the right to say that theirs is the one true religion. In fact, I don’t get why all religions see that way…

Don’t you think that that way of thinking is just so childish? I mean, how do you fight for peace??? If you fight, THERE IS NO PEACE!!! When will you idiots get it through that thick primate skull of yours??? *cough cough* Sorry… I tend to get really agitated when I think how stupid Man can be…

Anyways, I just hope that there will come a day when we can really find out the truth about everything. I think that is the one way to actually stop all this childishness… But I guess it is an impossible task. We would not be able to find the one truth… Not with religion blinding our eyes now.

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