Friday, October 24, 2008

Jonathan Ng

- R.K - 你每天的笑容是我最想要的 says (4:45 PM):
when chloe get better i tell her always wear high heels when go out with u
taller than u

Jnls.Net says (4:45 PM):
dont la..
later she wear 3" heels, pokai ady i hav to teman her go hospital..
mafan only...

- R.K - 你每天的笑容是我最想要的 says (4:46 PM):
. . .
u so bad
i tell her u curse her

Jnls.Net says (4:46 PM):
think will juz hail a cab for her...

Jnls.Net says (4:47 PM):
u mar blog lorr...
eh, true wut.....
nanti she pokai ady, insist on goin bac to klang.... i mah die!

Jnls.Net says (4:48 PM):
touch wood, her spine knock back to 70 degrees..........
then end up same height as before... wakakakakaka...

You're so dead now Jonathan!

Wait la... Chloe come out of hospital that time she'll run you over with her Myvi and it'll be YOUR spine at 70 degrees XD

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