Wednesday, December 24, 2008

5 things I hate about young lesbians

Been wanting to blog about this for a while but was just rather lazy. Hahaha... but now since I have the time, here it is.

By the way, this post applies to both TBs (or butches) and femme. Not just targeting TBs this time =P

5. Young bimbo girls who get together with a TB just because it's the trend. Like it's "cool" to be a lesbian and the cuter the TB, the "better accessory" you have.

4. Calling their TB girlfriends as BF. It just fucking pisses me off. Don't ask me why. I find it weird and that they're in a state of denial of their sexuality. Only forgiven if the TB is transitioning... then the girl is just being supportive which I find really sweet and accepting.

3. Flower hearted TBs who want to get a "playboy" status. Seriously, they give butches a bad bad name. Where has the pride gone? I don't know which is worse, player TBs or TBs whose love live journal goes like this:
Day 1: I met A, I love her.
Day 2: A don't like me. I sad.
Day 3: I together with A already. I will love her forever.
Day 4: I break up with A. I very sad. I will wait for her.
Day 5: I met B, B is very nice to me.
Day 6: B become my lao po. She is my only love.
Day 7: B break up with me. I sad.

You get the message... super annoying.

2. TBs who leave their current very loyal girlfriend to be with some other girl who just happened to pass. These TBs take advantage of their girl's loyalty and go off chasing some random hot chick. In other words, they can't resist temptation. To make things worse, if they can't get this new girl, they go back to their old girl who would still gladly accept them back because of love.

1. Desperate TBs. Need I say more? In other words, they will go chasing after any skirt. Doesn't matter if they're 30, 21 or even 12. Got cibai can adi. Fat, thin or normal, it's all okay, got cibai all pimples become dimples. You get what I'm trying to say.

Are you laughing? Or nodding your head in agreement? Or are you feeling insulted?

Did I hit a few nerves?

Here's what I think if you're offended:


mich said...

lol.. this is entertaining.. hahaha... u know i always support u ryu! ^^

n btw... is dat YOU in da pic???? doesnt look like u at all.. at first i tot which tb pic u curi from.. but 2nd n 3rd look.. it does look like u... a lil.. so is dat really u? lol...

Geek @ Kedai.TV said...

Too bad they behave as such...because they suck when becoming the inferior of the standard relationship. But they did forget that being a female gets to control the male....emotionally...etc..etc..etc...

Merry XMAS to you

azrin @

renaye said...

hm. luckily i have matured friends. :D but anyway no.4 is quite annoying. i have a friend who tells me of her 'bfs' but they r girls and when asked their sexuality they denied they r normal... and bla. so why do they do it? i asked. it's for fun. as if there's nothing else to do in this world.

Yi Ling said...

LOL. never knew about such things -.- i usually just see the end product. either together or broken up. LOL.

Robb said...

btm line of homosexual relationship is simple. sex and lust is so dominant that things happen very fast. lesbians, being girls are very emotional with their actions and thus dramas tend to happen a lot.

thank god, gays have less dramas but the amount of actions are still very noticeable. lol

mj said...

yeah totally agree with number 5 and number 4.

btw, i know who you meant at number 3!! rofl!

-R·K- said...

[mich] yes mich, that is me... hahaha...

[Geek @ Kedai.TV] merry xmas to you too...

[renaye] hahaha... i'm glad someone else finds it annoying too XD

[Yi Ling] lol... there's ALOT of other stuff ;)

[Robb] I guess sex & lust is more of a stereotype of homosexual relationships, but as drama as girls are, the emotions of such relationships are just so deep, you'll get addicted XD

[mj] agree right?!?!?! hahaha... number 3 arh... can apply to alot of people leh ;)

jingz 晶晶 said...

just curious,,.. if the girl dun call her TB partner bf, what is the right term? I dunno what to call my friend's partner... your bf sounds wrong... your gf also sounds wrong.... but clearly my friend is the the more feminine half....

enlighten me...

-R·K- said...

[jingz] i will just call gf, cause no matter what is still a girl ma. or just ask la "where's your 'who who'?" hehehe... but to avoid it sounding wrong, just say name lo... simple =)

aL said...


That is YOU! ROFL! xD


nee said...

i feel offended..
u talking about me?

rofl. =p

-R·K- said...

[aL] *stomps on aL's dead body*

[nee] hahaha... you will only feel offended if you meet the criteria ma XD

Jade.Phoenix said...

LOL...throughout these few days, this is the only thing that made me really laugh.. You are so RIGHT!! So so so agree with you...hahahah...especially no. 4!! those kids annoy me whenever they call their partners "bf"...wth!! do they need english lessons???

Sam said...

I totally agree with you..
I hate it when my friend refer to her partner as bf/he..
But sometimes she will refer to her partner as she..
I would rather my gf refer to me as a she than he/bf..

M-Tequila said...

*clap clap*

5: so so true!! i posted in a forum something about lesbianism is a trend. :D

4: and yes. when femme's telling me that its their BF, i will scratch my head and ask, 'but... she got breasts and pussy.'

3: again. its so called trend. or rather this is called afraid of loneliness. thats why i never believe any of my ex when they say 'i will wait for you bcos noone will love u more than me' *shows middle finger*

2: i seen this before, and karma do happen. she lost all of them and now her current rship not going well. being 'played'.

1: LMAO. again... probably its loneliness. old butch get young chick = proud cos can get young chick. young butch get older chick = can make use of them and their hard earn money...

Above are all my opinions. no hard feelings aight? :)

- PC - said...
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