Saturday, September 19, 2009

cruel to be kind

I actually did think a lot before I decided to write this. Because I have to consider the feelings of 2 people. 1 who is very important, the other, I really don't give a rat's arse but it will affect the one who is important.

If you really care about her, really love her like how you've said in the past, present and in the potential future, you should know how she thinks and how she feels.

You've just become insensitive and really just emotionally rash in whatever you've done. You think by sending her that sms today would make yourself feel better? I know you're now wallowing in guilt and wishing you could just crawl into a ball and die.

But then again, you could've wanted to do that just so that you MIGHT get SOME kind of attention from her.

Guess what boy, grow a pair of balls and man up. I'm more than a man than you will ever be. (Now, THAT is a personal attack direct to you.)

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