Wednesday, September 16, 2009

it's a funny thing

Everything really does happen for a reason. If there really is a God, then I finally understand why I went through the things I did.

Sometimes, God sends people who are clearly wrong for you, bad for you even. But there is always a reason behind it all. I can truly see it now.

He sent someone who was just an introduction to love for me, then there was the one who was so important that I couldn't breathe without her. And just because I couldn't breathe, He took her away to teach me that I can indeed stand on my own 2 feet. And she taught me that even if 2 people were in love, it doesn't mean that they must be together.

Then there was the one where I had to hide in the shadows with, I'm surprised I lasted that long. But I learned that I could make a difference in other people's lives and even help them to be a better person. Along came the not-right-for-you-but-you-are-just-desperate-enough-to-accept. I don't think I need to explain that now, do I?

The one who really seemed like THE ONE came along. I learned that when I am blind, I'm not only blind, but crazy even. The one who made me throw everything aside but somehow I knew it would just end. I just refused to accept it.

Then it all went downhill. I lost hope. I couldn't care anymore thus resulting in 2 disastrous ones. One worse off by a mile than the other. And I am just too tired to give anything a try anymore.

Then now.


Now I realized why I met all those people. And why I had to go through everything.

God purposely sent me all the wrong and seemed-to-be-right-but-were-wrong people because he wanted me to recognize the right one when I see her.

Guess what, she's perfect =)


Catherine Hii said...

May all blessings fall upon you. : D

-R·K- said...

Thanks =)
Hope everything goes well for you too.

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