Wednesday, March 08, 2006

" Mature is a set of wardrobe, it comes to you one
by one... Don't be in such a hurry, you are only
21~ So you've fallen for this girl eh? Nice, heehee,
at least now you've got someone to think about all
day~ Who said that a tomboy has to be super
strong? We are all female, so natural to wanna rely
and be protected~ Maybe she can take care of
you? You girls work things out? "
My net-pal, Fallin' Devil, sent that message to me... It got me thinking...

I don't mind waiting for her. I don't mind spending all day thinking of her... but it really gets irritating when I know I can never be with her... And I tend to get angry at myself for liking her so much. I keep telling myself how I should let go and just let it be. And sometimes I do manage to convince myself that I don't need or want her...


Everytime I see her... she reminds me of how much I can never let her go.

Romance, gifts, sweet talks, nice gestures... all of these do not work on her. Maybe they do, maybe she just doesn't show me that they all affect her. But she says I think too much.

I admit that I do think too much. That's just me. My brain works in mysterious ways which in return gives me thoughts and ideas that a normal person would not have.

Somehow, I wish this song was true for me:

Wishes by Le Couple

I looked in the sky and there I saw a star shining so bright above
I closed my eyes and wished upon the star that I would fine true love
Someone who needed me
Someone to share my life
For a love that would be true
I would wait forever how long it may be
I will be waiting
One star-brighter than the others
Two Hearts-beating for each other
I believe wishes really come true
Love at first sight I knew it from the moment when you said hello
I hoped you felt it too, but we both so shy-how was I to know
when you reached for my hand
I knew you were the one
We laughed and talked for hours like I'd known you forever
Like...a...dream or something from a book
True love had found me
One star-brighter than the others
Two Hearts-beating for each other
Noe I see wishes really come true
You just have to dream
Nothing's as bad as it seems
to be...believe me
Someone's waiting for you to try
There in the sky
One star-brighter than the others
Two Hearts-beating for each other
You will see wishes really come true
You can't stop believing-wishes do come true
You gotta believe me (wish on a star) wishes do come true...

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