Friday, May 11, 2007

How it happened

On April 15th, 2007, I was in Northbridge (it's Perth's China town) with her (some of you would know who...) for dinner. After eating, it was raining and it was quite a walk to my car. So, we were stuck in the rain. Then I noticed the sign "The Tatt Shop".

I went "Oh, let's just go up and look at some designs and get a quote for a tattoo".

45 mins later, I came out with my dragon.

Yes people, I, Ryu, got my tattoo in a spontaneous decision while waiting for the rain to stop.

*looks around*

I'm not lying!!!!!!!!

*looks around again*

Okay, okay, it wasn't THAT spontaneous. I already knew I wanted a tatt on my wrist and I wanted a dragon. So when I went in, I just talked to the guy, Jon (or John), and he showed me a few designs. I saw my dragon online and I just knew I wanted it.

So, I asked him how much would it cost (my budget was 200AUD) and he said 130AUD. I asked if he could do it now. He said "Yea."

And the next thing I knew, I was in the chair and Jon was putting on his black latex gloves, opening a new needle.

Basically after I approved the design, he drew it on this piece of tracing paper with some kind of blueish purple ink. He then pressed it against my skin and the blue ink pattern is transfered onto my wrist.

Then the machine starts... I was kinda worried cause I saw that his hands were shaking when he was opening the new needle. Then I realized that his hand shook because the machine was always vibrating (the needle is supposed to be going up & down really fast).

The first sensation was "Oh, this isn't too bad..."

The second sensation when he pressed down was "Aiyeeeeeeeeeeeee!"

After that my hand just got rather numb. It still hurt, but it's a bearable pain. So, it's good =)

And to show you guys how it went, here's a collage:

(p.s. click to enlarge)

And that was how I got my tattoo =)

Let me leave you guys with a funny pic...

Why is this funny?



Lolz... Actually road workers placed that in front of my house because the junction further down the road was closed.

But I found it funny.

Don't you guys think so? XD

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