Tuesday, March 04, 2008

What DHL and UPS really mean...

This is a rather lame joke that my friend came up with because of his own first hand experience.

He wanted to send a parcel to his girlfriend and decided to use DHL.

They promised that the parcel would arrive the next day at 2pm.

And surprise, surprise, it arrived 2 days late.

Then when he had to send another parcel, he tried using UPS.

Only to come to the same conclusion: it arrived 2 days late as well.

So, imagine this:

A guy walks into DHL, angry because his parcel was not delivered on time.

Guy: "Your service is really terrible! I paid for a next day delivery but it arrived 2 days late!"

DHL representative: "I'm sorry sir. But technical difficulties do happen."

Guy (still pissed off): "Do you want to know what DHL really stands for? It's Dua Hari Lambat!"

The real DHL logo XD

UPS representative: "Don't worry there's still UPS!"

Guy: "UPS? U Pun Sama!"


Yes, it's lame. I think it's funnier when I tell the story in person XD


chingy said...

Ahaks; I get it. XD Nice one :D

usws said...

I get it too... but yea, maybe if you told it to me in real life, i'd laugh louder. HAHAHA!


p.s. Fedex? Fed up!

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