Monday, March 03, 2008

The Winner!

I shall now announce the winner of my caption contest!

*drum rolls*

And the winner is...........................

His rather witty Panda thought really made me laugh (and also my other housemates)

Here's his entry:

The reason why it made my housemates laugh is because there's 3 girls and only 1 guy in the house... so... yea... XD

Anyways, 3Point8 please email your address to me at vern85[@]

Pictures of the special Tim Tams will be uploaded as soon as a certain "duck" buys back the one he ate XD

Congrats to 3Point8 and thanks to YapKevin, Chingy and USWS for sending in their entries ^^

I hope more people will join if I have another contest in the future :)


3POINT8 said...

OOoo... I'm the winner!!
thanks thanks.. i'll mail u soon!!
Thank u ryu!!!

chingy said...

TIDAKKKKKKKK, nevermind. I go buy my own TimTams hahaha.

-R·K- said...

[3point8] no problemo ^^

[chingy] hahaha... nvm, maybe next caption contest ;)

usws said...

Yea.. now have to sendiri beli Tim Tams. :( Ala, terrible lah.. off colored jokes like that make you laugh. Where got fair! Hahaha.


p.s. 3point8.. SHARE!

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