Sunday, March 02, 2008

Bangkok Trip 2008 (Part 1)

Finally, here's my Bangkok update XD

There's so many photos that I feel so lazy trying to edit and give them all captions, so, I'll let the pictures do most of the talking =)

One the first places I went in Bangkok is the SuanLam Night Bazaar. It's something like Chatuchak Market but on a smaller scale and it's more towards clothes and stuff.

Everything is just so freaking cheap and as tourists, we seriously bargained ALOT!!! I mean, my friend bargained until he got about 70% discount from the original price XD

This is what I bought the first night :)
A shirt, surf pants, thongs and a necklace. It's a whole beach set for the next day XD
All together, shirt (RM10) + pants (RM17) + thongs (RM18) + necklace (RM10)=

The next day the tour brought us for a boat ride down the Chao Phraya River.
Along the way we passed the palace, temples and alot of houses where you can see people washing their clothes in the river.

The first stop on the Chao Phraya River is Wat Arun aka Temple of Dawn.

There is a total of 9 temples like this, all scattered around Bangkok.
Gift told me once that it is good to visit all of the temples in 1 day. She did it before and it took about half the day. Seems interesting, might try it the next time I go to Bangkok =)

I couldn't resist this.
But after taking the picture only it was revealed that I had to pay 40baht (RM4) for taking 1 picture... jeeze....

This was only the 2nd level. There's a 3rd and 4th level which was even steeper and I didn't wanna risk getting stuck up there...

For lunch, the tour took us to the Royal Dragon. It looks like a movie set in a Chinese movie.
The waiters were all dressed in those olden Chinese costumes and some were on roller skates.

But that isn't the only appeal of the restaurant. It has a world record in the Guinness Book of Records for being the restaurant with the largest seating capacity in the world!

Don't pray pray arh... XD

The food there was actually pretty good too :)
Definitely recommended!

Yes, it's a tiger cub at the Tiger Zoo. 50 baht per bottle of milk to feed them.

The Thais are really clever... they charge you for everything. In this case, they already have to feed the tigers but decided to let tourists feed them instead. In addition, tourists like me are willing to PAY to do that... sighz...

Yes, yes... I also paid to take a picture with the tiger cub. Isn't it cute?!?!?!?!?!?!??!!
It was rather funny cause the cub didn't really like me that much so it was struggling and looking at me as if it wanted to eat me...
After this photo was taken, it actually scratched me... grrrrrrrrrrrr....

The "laser Buddha".
The tour guide explained that this was actually a present to the King from the prince.

The shape of the Buddha was carved into the mountain with a laser and it's pure GOLD filled into the carvings...



They have 24hr security there... you know, just incase some people decide to be funny and try to dig some gold...

That's my reaction when I found out that there were 60 million baht worth of gold up there...

Then there's an elephant show. Got not many nice pictures cause most of it turned out blur...

But this is a picture of an elephant painting.

It was seriously very cute because the elephant started with the tree trunk, then dabbed in the leaves. Just when we thought it was done, it added GRASS to the painting!!!

Hahaha... so clever right?

But the Thais are even more clever... after the painting, they pulled out the painting to reveal that it was actually painted on a T-shirt and they were selling it for 250baht.


And last but not least, how can I leave Thailand without a picture of me with the elephant? XD

No jokes about how easy the elephant could carry me... I've heard them all... ROAR!!!
p.s. I paid RM5 for this... I know, the elephant hardly did any work at all... bah......

I know people are waiting for the winner of my caption contest. I will reveal it later on =)
There's a slight delay because the Tim Tam prize meant for the winner has been devoured by a certain "duck" in my house XD

More to come: Bangkok Trip (Part 2) will be packed with more pictures and videos ;)

I miss Bangkok...
Most of all, I miss Bangkok's biggest attraction...


chingy said...

Bangkok yay!
Wow, the elephant is really artistic. XD And the warrior is super cute, but RM4 for a picture.

Cut throat ah!

Ron Jerem Lee said...

hei, when was this taken leh? how come got so many places i dont know? laser BUDHA!? that's something unheard!!

usws said...

OMG, tim tam kena eaten? Hahaha..

Uhh, this has actually been one of the more interesting trip entries i've seen in a while. Thailand sure is an interesting place with that world record restaurant and laser buddha. Coool!

My question though, how much is 60 million baht converted to Ringgit? ALOT ALOT? Haha.. And how does such a big restaurant like that survive? I doubt that THAT many people wanna eat there all the time.

OMG, they charge for everything! LOL, you should have just ran away after taking the elephant ride, feeding the tiger and the photo. :P


p.s. Love the t-shirt! Haha.. I need to go shopping there too.

-R·K- said...

[chingy] cut throat right?!?! but it's ok la... not everyday i get to go Bangkok :)

[ron jerem lee] i took the trip in January :)
the laser Buddha is a fairly recent addition i think...

[usws] 60 million baht is about 6 million ringgit.

cannot run away la... you PAY BEFORE you take the pictures XD

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