Monday, September 08, 2008

Being stoned

While multi-tasking with chatting on msn, TV, blogs and some random online games, I've managed to learn how to play "Let Go" by m-flo LOVE Yoshika.

Go Youtube it. The acoustic version is just... bliss.

A sad song, I know. But just so nice to play on the guitar.

Nope, I so do not regret splurging my first paycheck on my baby guitar. Not my first choice for an acoustic, but the Yamaha F310P is helping to satisfy my itchy fingers for the time being.

Next stop, an Epiphone Black Beauty to practice on to make my fingers worthy of the ever gorgeous Gibson Les Paul.

So many more things I want to do, I want to have in this life. Little steps, little baby steps. And one day, this ikan bilis will grow into a big ass shark. One day.

Eh woman, jangan lupa you ada date ngan I esok.
I mau makan waffle! Kita emo sama-sama je la...

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