Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Of journeys and blurry state of mind.

Just came back from Penang. No pictures with me because I'm still waiting for the peeps to send them to me.

But I had a great time :)

Not so great when I had fishballs, beer, noodles, ice blended mocha and gawd knows what else going up my nose thanks to all the funny arse people who love to make me choke with the most random/funny/entertaining things ever.

But a great BIG BIG BIG THANK YOU to aL who seriously drove me all around Penang island. Love you long time! Will send back more Tim Tams for you la... but remember to share this time. Later the other peeps come kill me XD

And it was great meeting Cedric, Vingie, Emily, Colleen, JJ, Chee Hsien, Minny and a few other people whom I can't remember names now. You people make me laugh like tomorrow.

I'm sorry I have to go back to Perth but I promise to come back in 2 years' time. Earlier if one of you gets married first. Yes Vingie, even if you do get married on the 4th of October 2008, I will guarantee I sure go! Muahahahahahahahaha!

And of course, not forgetting Cathrine who promised to stay with me for the whole trip. I know the shouters kinda scared you with their crazy antics but you were nice enough to still come and meet them :)

Oh yea, twins are hot. XD


aL said...

1. Whoa, so many stuff in your nose can do buffet lor?! So nice! xD

2. You're most welcome! Eh, please dont proclaim your love for me in public can? And Penang drivers are NOT notorious... just VERY :)


4. I miss you already! I need to find sperm donor now.

5. Shouters are NOT scary! rwar! xD

6. Cathrine... you wanna eat KFC? :P

7. I miss Miss "Kill Me" X6!

8. Twins are hawtttt... nawt.

vingie said...

twins are hot, but i am hotter.

i miss you,but not the wig.

next round,no timtams for the ham.

eeee! ure forcing me to get married!

ok la, next time when you're back,we'll make sure you'll have more things up your nose. =)

-R·K- said...

Wa... so "rata-ed" u 2 write so long comment for me XD

[aL] I love to proclaim my love for u arh! Jatuhkan ur saham! hahahahha!

u arh, stop scaring Cath with KFC la... summore say u're not scary...

[vingie] yeala, u hotter la... i nvr force u to get married, u said urself u wanna get married on the 4th of oct wan XD

more things up my nose? like what? ur "si-ha"?

millymin said...

Kuantan Road!~

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