Thursday, April 02, 2009

anonymous numbers.

Got this idea from Facebook.

The things I want to tell a few people but do not have the guts to. I think they should know who they are.

1. You're my first love and you will always have a special place in my heart but I can't just pick up where we left off because my heart is no longer there. Even if it was, it's broken.

2. It all happened so fast and I can barely remember what happened but I'm glad we're still friends. I hope Jun Xi grows up to be a good man unlike his father.

3. You were a rebound. I'm sorry.

4. Two words, drunken mistake.

5. You didn't just break my heart, you stomped on it, spit on it and left it in a corner to be forgotten. But you taught me a lot about relationships and I want to thank you for helping make me the person I am now.

6. I think I screwed up your head and emotions a little too much but I think everything worked out fine.

7. You made me realize that I appear in people's lives for a reason and I'm glad you finally stood up and said "No" for a change. I just wished it wasn't said to me.

8. There's no reason, I just do.

1 comment:

Miss P said...

eh eh why all of them so negative wan lol

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