Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Impossible Has Happened?

Saw this piece of news and I'm rather shocked.

McDonalds losing a lawsuit over the use of the prefix "Mc" in MALAYSIA!

The defendant: McCurry.


Okay, am I the only one who finds this amusing?

Let me explain okay? The judge who overruled McDonalds was Judge Gopal Sri Ram. McDonalds is such a huge ass corporation that you'd they they'd try to at least bribe the judge right? But noooooooo... They lost.

And what was the defendant's defense? McCurry stands for Malaysian Chicken Curry.

ROFL!!!!! No wonder McDonalds couldn't bribe the judge, HE LOVED CURRY TOO MUCH!!!

Okay, lame, I know. Don't read this post then!

Haha! Too late! =P


@pril said...

i'm curious. where on earth did u get this piece of news from? LOL = D


Cheerioet said...

OMG...McCurry rulez in Malaysia...
Hahaha...McD juz too fucking care of the word Mc, they are serving diff types of food compare to the McC... :P :P

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