Saturday, June 02, 2007


I have just finished a whole load of assignments. 3 major assignments in 1 week. I'm so suicidal. Hahaha... But I HAVE managed to survive!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAA!!!

Okay... back to assignments...

I have been thinking, I don't believe I've ever had to do any group work during primary and secondary school. It has all been individual work... from homework to projects even down to Kemahiran Hidup (where you make lame woodcrafts like ping pong bats).

So it is funny when you spend 11 years in primary and secondary school fending for yourself, doing individual work and trying to be number one when it came to ranking after final exams, and suddenly when you go into college or university, you are expected to do group work.

I know that working in groups do help you learn much needed skills in the real world like leadership and teamwork. But I guess not every group works out.

I have had such bad experience with group members since I started my postgrad studies... But nothing compares to this particular one this semester. She was in my group last semester as well but this semester was really super unbearable...

In your opinion, who would be the worst group member ever?

A. Always leaving classes early with excuses such as "I have dance practice" and "I am catching a movie later".

B. Calling up to postpone group meetings with the excuse "I have dance practice later".

C. Complains about being super stressed and unable to cope but still can add in the comment "Oh, I have planned my 12 day holiday over Australia when I graduate".

D. Even after you sympathize with how she didn't do well in her exams, you decide to let her do the "easier" parts of the assignment, she still does a crappy job and is late in submitting it to the group.

So? What do you think?

Can you guess which one makes the worst groupmate ever?

A? B? C? Or D?

The answer is...


I can't believe that these kind of people can exist man... I have just so so much to complain about this particular person. I mean...

COME ON LA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know sometimes I have unreasonable expectations... but this is really not one of those times...

I believe that there are several "gradings" of assignments. The "Enough to Pass", "Normal", "Good" and "Great". I always aim for Great whenever I can, and this assignment that I had with this groupmate had the potential to be a "Great" assignment.


Oh well, what's done is done. Just needed to ramble about it for a while. Now that everything's over, I feel SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much better ^^

Now it's time to study for exams... Luckily only got 2 papers =P

Ciaoz peeps...

Btw, if ya think you can beat my bad group members experience, do share XD

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