Saturday, November 01, 2008

Belated Post

Okay, I wanna thank everyone for the wishes, thank you for remembering even though I told you people not to *insert Veron's tulan face emoticon here*

But yea, thanks guys :)

What can I say? I was a ninja (again) this year.

But there was one thing different this year, it was the best birthday I've ever had in 5 years. Maybe the curse has been broken? Hahaha...

But yea, only 3 people saw me that day and I enjoyed their company very much. Special thanks to 2 of them and EXTRA special thanks to 1. You people know who you are =D

And last but not least, a super duper big huge ass thanks to Samantha Ho and Mr. Yip Ming Too for this:

I was really so goddamned speechless when I saw this. You guys really didn't have to. Seriously, no more okay? Cannot finish can? Every year add 1 some more... Die...

But anyways, thanks la... Cannot stop saying thanks...

So I shall stop here okay?

p.s. ね,あなた知ってる?


Ashley said...


誕生日おめでとう :)

-R·K- said...

LOL... the message is not for u la Ash XD

But thanks :)

nee said...

Happy Birthday to You~

vingie said...


didn't know it was your birthday..

happy belated birthday ryu ryuu..

may you get diff set of twins every year! XD

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