Thursday, November 06, 2008

Bukit Jalil Photoshoot

My blog has been rather dull and emo with all the words that I bet most of you don't read, so I shall put in some pictures okay?

These photos were taken back in Malaysia at Bukit Jalil. 3 photographers, 4 cameras and 3 models. Was an interesting experience.

The following pictures were taken by Jonathan Ng. Thank you & sorry for making you wait so long on that day =P

This is Jennifer, my future wifey XD

See, it's like our wedding pictures! Hahaha...

I like this picture the most =)

Eh, please don't think wrongly. I'm not attached to her, I'm single just not available XD

But we do have a pact. If we're both single when we're 30 then she'll marry me. Hahaha... 7 more years and counting ;)

Though she says she's gonna purposely get married the day before her birthday... Speechless.

There, a more colourful post.

More pictures will be uploaded after I get the pictures from the other 2 photographers.

Chloe, I'll upload your picture also wan la... sabar okay?

1 comment:

Jon said...

d 2nd pic u not smiling also... ish, wrong setting on camera.. background so horrible... last one not bad..

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