Monday, November 24, 2008

of words and headaches.

I guess I'm writing lesser and lesser in my blog. Which is kinda ironic since my blog's title is Are You Reading This -____-

But hey, there is only so much I can say and truthfully, not much words can express how I am feeling these days.

Too many things to think, too many things to do... yet so so so so so little time.

Overwhelmed when in silence, under performing when in need.

Too many distractions and too many temptations...

Just when I thought things would finally settle down and I learn to let go bit by bit... I get hit by a train... yet again.

Somehow, someway, maybe... just maybe I would find peace in all of this.

Time for bed. I'm becoming a panda @@

I'll close my eyes wishing you would not haunt me again tonight.
Gawd, you have no idea.

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