Thursday, April 19, 2007


I abuse everything.





My sanity.

I literally abuse everything that I can get my hands (or mind) on.

What have I done?


nuclear said...

apa tu??? u doin slim wrap wif ur hand?? u cukup thin d ok.hehehe..

JadePhoenix said...

Since u're lyk avoiding me when I ask, I hv 2 say it here.
I hope you are not doing what I think you are doing!!
It's cutting my heart OK???
I BEG you to please STOP!!

nuclear said...

yeah, listen to jade. its not worth it to cut urself because of whoever she is *sorry lar, i dunno who she is* hehe.. dont do dat, k?

Jessica Ng said...

haha..... do you need to wrap ya hands like that when you got a tat gal? >.<" then i better not get one haha.. make me bloat up if i get that on my waist =.=

in case u still dont know who the hell i am , i m XUN la haha

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