Monday, April 16, 2007

My Law Marketing class...

The lecturer for my Law Marketing class is a very intimidating person. She teaches the class as if she is running for presidency... And she loves making sarcastic remarks.

For example, she was teaching about product packaging and how manufacturers and companies have to place the ingredients of a product on the packaging. She asked for a pack of cigarettes from the students and explained the things on it.

It had all these terrible gruesome pictures as well stating the dangers of smoking. After explaining, she asked the guy why he still smoked. The guy answered it's hard to quit. And she said "Well, see you at your funeral mate".

Lolx... today's lecture was about faulty goods and services. She explained that there was a difference between injury caused by faulty and defective goods and injury caused by plain retards.

For example, if you open a can of Coke and it explodes in your face, causing you to be a vegetable for life, yes, it is faulty goods.

If you turn on a photocopier, pour water on it and proceeded to sit on it, which electrocutes your bum, you're a retard.

Then there were the dumb warnings on packaging. For example, the warning "THIS CONTAINS NUTS"... on a packet of nuts.

My lecturer went "It had darn well contain nuts cause that's what I'm paying for!"

Hehehe... And apparently there's this warning on Cadbury chocs as well. For example milk chocolate with cashew nuts has the warning "WARNING: CONTAINS NUTS".

Well, DUH.

Anyways, there's even a website for all these dumb warnings here.

Go have a look. It's really amusing =)

P.S. My fav is the warning on an iron: "NEVER IRON CLOTHES ON BODY"



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