Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Ryu = Dragon

Okay, before I get more peeps thinking what the hell did I do to my wrist, I would just like to say thanks to those who really do care =)

And well, I don't know if what I did was another act of abuse on myself or rather a show of strength. I am Ryu. It means dragon (for those who don't know). And I want to be a dragon (metaphorically of course -___-").

These few days, or week? have been rather hard on me. Stress with studies, work and of course the unavoidable personal issues of emotions & basically a roller coaster ride of ups and downs and huge plunges and jerks of left and rights... you get what I mean...

Anyways, I have done what I have wanted to do for a very very long time.




It's real this time.


JadePhoenix said...

wow, tht's so cool!! congrats!! u finally got what u wanted!! but i thought u wanted wings on ur back.
err...im so sorry..really really sorry...had been thinking too much lately..too much negative thoughts d...seriously sorry..pls accept my sincerest apology.
anyway, it's such a relief to read this post.hope that ur life wil get better soon!! all de best!!

nuclear said...

wahlauuu!!!! yeng ah!! yeng ah!!! how much it cost u to get that lil cook dragon on ur hand?? dat is SO cool. u know wut, i oso got a thinkin to get a tattoo beside my thumb!! but dunno got da chance to do it or not. haihh..

erlynda said...

wow. cool dragon. hahaha... ur previous post deceived everybody, huh?

-R·K- said...

Yea, I still want my wings. But that will come at a later time =)
Now I'm thinking of getting another one. Tattooing is so so addictive XD

Yeng leh ^^ You can get if you want... just maybe after you're 21 bah? Cause the place I went to needed me to be over 21.

Thx thx ^^
Yea, everyone think I'm so so emo ma... so just wanna see how many ppl react to that post la... mana tau that Mich go think it's slim wrap -____-"
Your friend arh? XD

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