Saturday, April 07, 2007

Happy Birthday hiro

Today is the birthday of my idol, hiro. It's her 23rd birthday and it has been a total of 8 years since I last fell in love with her =P

Isn't she just gorgeous? It's not a recent pic though... kinda hard to get any recent pics of her after the Japan fever in KL died. I have to rely on websites like for news. Oh, and also hiro's official website.

I can still remember the first time I saw her on TV. It was SPEED's Alive video. It's still my favourite SPEED song EVER. Have a listen for yourself =)

Anyways, after SPEED broke up, hiro went solo and truthfully, it wasn't THAT great. But her 3rd solo single was AMAZING. It's Treasure and she had a total image change and her voice was so much more refined. I was head over heels again XD

I have never stopped buying and collecting hiro's CDs and DVDs since. I am just so so so so so so in love with her. I have like the WHOLE collection of SPEED items and hiro's memorabilia. I was actually really lucky as I got about 80% of my collection from my net pal, Adri (whom I've now lost contact with. I really miss her, so if she's reading this, PLEASE LEAVE ME A MESSAGE!!!).

She was over the SPEED phase but I was still crazy over them. She has ALL of the albums and singles which were from Japan, ALL of the photobooks and every single little thing that had to do with SPEED. She even gave me the limited edition SPEED watch which was made for their final concert. I went balistic when I saw it XD

Unfortunately I can't take a picture of the stuff cause they're all back in my room in KL. From the original collection, I've added hiro's solo stuff to it. I am very very proud of my collection... to date, I think I've spent almost 5k on all those stuff. And I'm still adding to it today =D

Here's my current favourite single from hiro. It's called 'Hero'. Which is kinda like dejavu cause I was wondering if hiro would actually do a play on words with her name =)

I am considering getting my car number plate changed to "HIRO". But I think that would border on obsession. Lolx...

Enjoy the videos. She's just so sexy XD

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