Thursday, June 22, 2006


I hate Streamyx. I really do. The connection sucks... But I can't do anything about it. My housing area doesn't support any other broadband service. So, I'm stuck with it.

I am an internet addict. I know I am.

But I didn't know how severely addict I was until I failed to log on 24 hours ago. And I did not manage to go online until 24 hours later. When my connection went down, I thought "Must be Streamyx servers having problems". So, I just turned off my laptop and went to sleep (took a while for me to fall asleep due to insomnia these days).

The next day, I couldn't log on again. I tried everything. Restarting the laptop & computer (I have another computer downstairs), restarting the modem, changed modems, changed cables, unhooked the spliter... but I still could not log on. So I called Streamyx's helpline. It's 1300-88-9515. Just in case you guys need it sometime in the future.

I was put on hold (this was no surprise) and while waiting for a technician to get to me, they played instrumental music. I don't know bout you guys, but I'm already pissed off as it is... so, when I heard that music, I'm like "Oh gawd, is that supposed to make me feel relaxed and more patient? Or maybe they're trying to make the callers less angry before a technician picks up". Either way, that really bad music made me even angrier. It did not help that they added in a Streamyx advertisement (the really annoying commercial on TV. Yea, they played the audio through the phone). Which makes me wonder... why on earth are you advertising to people who obviously already bought your product/service???

When the technician finally got to me, I was ready to hang up. She asked for my account details and this shows how screwed up Streamyx servers are: their servers showed that I was logged on for almost 13 hours. I felt like shouting after hearing that... But the girl was nice, listening to what was wrong and guiding me to try to fix the problem. Again I had to restart the comp and modem. Even unhooked the spliter. But again, it still won't connect.

She wanted to lodge a report for me but their reporting server was down under maintenance (oh wow, they do maintain their servers). So she told me to call back 2 hours later.

How did I survive the 2 hours? I watched old episodes of NCIS. Yes, how sad. I know. I couldn't watch Astro cause my grandma was dominating the coder and well, there isn't anything on anyways.

After 2 hours I call again. And of course, the bad bad bad music greeted me while I wait yet again for another technician. This time, it was a guy. He said the same things the earlier girl said (I think they have some sort of script written out...) and I explained my situation once again. This time, the reports server was up and he lodged a report for me. After giving me the report number, I hung up.

While I was dying to get online once again, I had to force myself to live without the internet. What did I do? I played Diner Dash. It's a mini game. I downloaded it some time ago. It's quite challenging, so it managed to keep me occupied till dinner time. After dinner, it was time for TV.

For the first time in a long long time, I sat down in front of the TV with my whole family. Since the net was down, my brother and I have nothing to do. So we watch TV. And my parents joined us. What did we watch? Van Helsing. As usual, my dad fell asleep half way, waking up at almost the end of the movie and asked tons of questions about what happened. My mom got fed up and told him to watch the movie again when Astro had re-runs. Hehehe...

Then at about 11:30pm, while CSI: Miami was taking a commercial break, I decided to try my luck to log on.

And guess what... it connected.

I guess the 24 hours without the internet did help me in some way. I discovered that I can actually live without 24/7 access to the net. Family time isn't as terrible when there's a TV. And CSI: Miami isn't too bad (I don't watch CSI: NY or CSI: Miami cause I find that it's like a 'pirated' version of CSI: Las Vegas. I prefer originals =P)

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