Friday, June 23, 2006

Soap is magical

I've been browsing through my old videos in my hard drive and I came across some standup comedies. I decided to watch one of them and it's Jay Mohr's My Turn.

If you're wondering who is Jay Mohr, this is him.

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He doesn't look like a comedian? Well, look again.

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Okay, I watched the video and the funniest part, in my opinion is the part about soap. I'm feelings generous today, so I edited the soap part out and uploaded it for you guys =)

While you wait for it to load, here's quotes from the video:

"Soap is awesome. Soap's magical. You could have a soapy hand, wash the crack of your ass right up to your face... and don't moan because you did it today."

"It's the only thing in the world you can do that with."

To come to think of it, it IS the only thing that you can use to wipe on your ass then on your face right? I mean, not that you wash your ass before you wash your face, but if you had to do it, soap would be the logical thing to use, no?

You can't use anything else... not even tissue paper or baby wipes. Hell, who wants something which has gone down to your ass then to your face?

But that's not really the funny part. What's hillarious is that when he brings up families and soap. In a normal family, there would be 4 members (Mom, Dad, Son & Daughter). But what if you come from a large family? 6-8 members? Even up to 10.

But how many bars of soap?

Yeap. One.

Then Jay said this:

"No wonder you don't get along with your family. You're all having sex with each other by proxy!"

And I burst into laughter rolling on the floor. It's amazing how it could actually be true... Hehehe... I mean, just imagine. 1 bar of soap, so many family members. All using the soap to wash their bodies which would include their private parts. Hahaha...

But I guess this doesn't apply to people like me.


Cause I use body shampoo ^^ (I don't like using soap bars. I have clumsy fingers)

So, the conclusion is:

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