Sunday, June 18, 2006

My application for on-campus accommodation

As all of you should know by now, I will be leaving for Perth again to continue my studies soon. Some of you might know that I was due back in February but I decided to defer my course for 1 semester for my own personal reasons which I do not wish to talk about because it brought me so much crap.

Since I have to go back to the hellhole, I need a place to stay of course. I have applied for on-campus even though I HATE the place. Mainly cause their internet there is monitored and the fact that they blocked me 3 times when I was last there doesn't make me like the place any better. But after doing some thinking, on-campus would be the best place because I'm already familiar with the place and everything's near-by. So, what the hell lah...

But I checked the housing website lately and this is the current accomodation availbility:

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Die lah... All in red. And at the bottom is the number of my preferences.

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Die again lah...

Since I have to get confirmation as soon as possible, I'm gonna email the housing coordinator. But somehow I think this is gonna happen:

(Warning: Foul language ahead. Don't say I didn't warn you)

Email #1
- Short & simple. Straight to the point.
Dear [name]

I would like to enquire about the status of my application for on-campus accomodation. I would need confirmation as soon as possible as I have to confirm my flight ticket. If I don't get the accommodation, I would have to book an earlier ticket.

[my name]
Email #2
- A little more urgent when there is no reply.

Dear [name]

I have sent n emailed earlier about the status of my application but I have yet to recieve any reply from the housing department. I would really appreciate it if I could get a reply soon as I have to confirm my flight ASAP.

[my name]
Email #3
- Getting angry.

Dear [name]

I am emailing again about the status of my application. I still have yet to recieve any word from the housing department. This is URGENT. I will miss my flight if I do not confirm the ticket.

[my name]
Email #4
- All hell breaks out.

Dear Mr-I-do-not-do-my-job,

DIU LEI LAH!!! Call you reply email about status only mah!!! So hard meh!!! They pay you do what wan?!?! Sit in your office and sleep arh!?!?! Or to delete incoming emails?!?! MCH!!!! I miss my flight how arh?!?! You pay me back arh? Sei SOHAI!!!

F*** YOU LAH!!!
Hehehe... but of course it won't happen lah... It's just my sick sick imagination. But funny la right? No? *lolz*

That is the product of a brain that only had 2 hours of sleep and then can't sleep anymore for some weird reason. So it is just crap. CRAP. C-R-A-P.

...I like crab.

Crab delicious.

But crab can cubit cubit.

Cubit pain lah...

No like crab....



Jon said...

Hey there,

Which university are you studying in? And which course are you doing :P?

I'm in Perth too, studying in Curtin University, first year Actuarial Science student. Let me know if you're gonne be here on July the 2nd, we're having a Malaysian bloggers meet-up in South Perth ^_^

-R·K- said...

Hey Jon,

I'm in Curtin too. Will be doing Marketing when I get back. Unfortunately I'll only be back on the July the 14th if all goes well =)

Jon said...

Alright then, all the best.

Btw, accomodation near Curtin is extremely risky. Bentley itself has an unusually high crime rate so becareful if you're renting there!!

Again, good luck mate ^_^

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