Friday, June 16, 2006

My medical check-up

Last Wednesday, the 14th of June (exactly 1 more month before I go back to the hellhole Perth) I went for a medical check-up for my visa application. The last time I went for a check up was at Klinik Soo in PJ. This time, I decided to go to Tung Shin Hospital in KL instead. This post can also be a guideline for people who want to go study in Australia...

Why? Well, cause I can get both my check up and X-ray at the same place. The last time I had to drive to this hospital to get my X-rays and the damned radiologist forgot to sign my forms. So, I had to go back to the hospital again to get it signed before returning yet again to the clinic. Stupid stupid people... too much exposure to X-rays probably will get your brains fried too XD

Here's what happened:

7.30 am - Reached Tung Shin after breakfast. Went to the Out Patient Department (OPD) to register. Had everything ready: 2 passport sized photos, my passport and the 2 forms that I printed out from the internet when I applied for my visa online.

Guess what, they tell me my passport photo can't be used cause my eyes were blocked by my glasses... your glasses' frames may not in anyway be near your eyes. So, my dad and I had to walk back down to Pudu to one of the photoshop-cum-phoneshop-cum-keymaker shop to take one of those instant photos. Cost me RM12. Btw, I took of my glasses and made sure I combed all my hair to the side so that nothing was blocking the view of my face.

8.10 am - Went back to Tung Shin. Photo is accepted. Filled out the other parts of the Forms that need to be filled in the presense of a nurse or doctor. I don't know about you guys, but I counted 6 nurses at the counter looking at me fill the form. Tung Shin, too many nurses already is it??? Seriously, 1 was there to type stuff into computer, the other to write me a card number thingy, and 2 more to check if I'd glued my photo to the form properly... the other 2 were juz... staring. You'd think they'd get things done fast... but NOOOOOOOOO....

8.40 am - The nurse finally takes me into the Examination room. Takes my weight, height, hip and waist measurements. Takes my blood pressure and gives me a Brands Chicken Essence bottle for the urine test. So I leave for the bathroom. By the way, only 1 nurse when I entered the room, 1 more came in to chit chat... -___-"

9.00 am - I come back with the filled bottle. I entered the room and see 3 nurses there this time looking at my forms. Seriously, don't you have work? Or is there just too little people being admitted to the hospital so you find it amusing to flip through all my forms which contains my personal details and vital stats???

9.05 am - I am told to wait outside for the doctor to examine me. So I wait...

9.15 am - Woi!!! 10 minutes already!!! I don't see anyone else around also!!! You stupid doctor go minum teh arh?!?! Then I suddenly got stomachache... the ground floor toilet was closed so I had to go upstairs.

I went to the lift and pressed the up arrow. The lift was at level 1, I'm at ground floor. So I thought "No biggie, very fast wan". I saw the lift coming down oh-so-slowly to G, I got ready to get in, and to my suprise, it went to "B" Basement. Then it oh-so-slowly crawled up to G again and when it opened, it was EMPTY!

Means, whoever presses the button first, the lift is programmed to go to that person first. The first thing that came to my mind was "Gawd, I hope you don't use these lifts to save lives"

9.30 am - I'm finished with my business and sat down again waiting for the nurse to call my name. When she finally called, I went in and met the doctor. All he did is just listen to my heartbeat, ask me to take deep breaths and told me I can go. That was less than 2 minutes...

9.40 am - Pay medical checkup bill - RM57. WTF?!?!

Here's what the bill says:

Consultation Fee: RM7
Medical Report: RM30
Registration Fee: RM5
Treatment Fees: RM15


TREATMENT??? WHAT TREATMENT??!?!?! I'm there for CHECK-UP!!! Bah... blood-sucking, cash-loving bastards...

9.55am - Register at X-ray Department. Paid RM30 for X-ray. Ok-la, acceptable...

9.57am - Taken inside the department and given a basket for my things and a kimono-style hospital gown to put on. Their small changing rooms were ridiculous but I guess it could be worse. They had this funny how-to-put-on-your-gown guide inside. Too bad I didn't have my phone with me, I would've taken pictures.

10.00am - Brought into X-ray room, placed into position infront of the machine, facing the wall. Told to hold my breath, doctor goes out of the room, next second, back into the room telling me that I'm done. I went and changed out of the gown and waited for the X-ray.

10.10am - Told that I can leave. Nothing wrong with the X-ray.

That's the end of my medical check-up. Let's hope nothing else goes wrong this time...

Oh yea, people who pray, help me pray that I would get a room on campus ok? Or else I'll have to sleep on the streets when I go back to Perth...

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