Monday, June 26, 2006

The new Satria Neo

As all (or most) Malaysians should know by now, Proton has just recently launched a new car: Proton Satria Neo. (Ooo... wow... what a great and cool name *btw, I'm being sarcastic*)

This new model will be replacing the old Proton Satria. The Satria is no doubt one of the best selling cars by Proton. I was a fan of the Satria, it was a cool little hatchback designed car. The only reason I didn't get the car was because my dad hated the fact that the car only had 2 doors.

Maybe he was afraid that if I got into an accident, the people in the back will die because they don't have doors to climb out of. Then their angry parents/relatives will sue me for surviving and me being a student still would mean that my dad will have to pay the lawyer fees. Hehehe... My dad does have weird thoughts...

This is the Proton Satria.

This is a Proton Gen-2.

This is the Satria Neo (Ooo... it has the same name as Neo in The Matrix. If I buy this car I can be as cool as him...)

Do you see what I see?


Let me give you a hint...

Take a Proton Satria:

Then you take a Proton Gen-2:

Now, take a good look at the headlights. Remember it?

Good, now take those headlights and put them onto the Proton Satria.

What do you get???


The oh-so-cool-i'm-being-super-sarcastic Proton Satria Neo!!!!

I don't know why, but I just hate the new design. Not to mention I really cringed when I saw the launch of Proton Gen-2. What's wrong with Proton these days?!?!?! Are they really high on something???

Now they just change the headlights of the old Satria and just call it the Proton Satria Neo?!?! Gawd, we need more creative people in Proton.

But according to this article, Proton engineers had collaborated with Lotus Engineering for this car. And it has undergone "collision and impact survivability tests to meet international safety standards set by Australia as well as European and Gulf countries".

I guess it's not too bad. But still bad, nonetheless...

But then again, it's still a whole lot better than this piece of shit:

This is the definitely the most fugliest car I have ever seen... and I'm sure that Proton was definitely either high on something or brain dead when they decided to launch the Proton Juara.

Now that I think of it, the Satria Neo isn't so bad after all...


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