Saturday, July 15, 2006

After the first day

Well, here I am. I'm still alive.

I arrived in Perth at about 3.10pm. Was out of the airport by 4.20pm and reached my accomodation at almost 5.00pm. Got a briefing from the housing Residential Assistants (RA) and was in my room at about 5.45pm.

Made a few calls, to my parents, my Baby and a few friends to let them know I'm in Perth and safe. Then called Sam (the one in Perth, not Penang-currently in Johore) and she came to pick me up for dinner.

Met up with Hui Lin for dinner as well. Went to a Japanese restaurant called Senoki at Victoria Park. I had Chicken Katsu Don. The portions were HUGE!!! I didn't finish about half the bowl of rice... But I did finish the chicken. Was really stuffed.

After that we went to Hui Lin's house for a while. Saw Jacky Teo and his girlfriend Yoshiko. Chatted a while then left at 10pm. Went to my friend's house to collect my stuff that I had left in Perth last year. OMG, I didn't know I had THAT much stuff!!!

Anyways, after putting everything into Sam's car, she drove me back to my flat. And since her car can't go into the housing compounds, I had to use a trolley to carry the stuff back to my flat. Imagine, a skinny person like me, pushing a trolley that's alot heavier than me up and down a HILL, at 12 midnight.

So scared that I would wake people up. Then there was a group of people who came out of their flat while I was trying my best not to let the trolley go out of control while it was going down hill. I think they laughed... I'm sure I heard them laugh. Or at least giggled... won't you??

Anyways, good news is that I can have UNRESTRICTED internet access when I pay for it *dances the Happy Dance* It should be available next week. Keeping my fingers crossed... Now the problem is whether I should get the 10gb or 20gb plan... Hmm...

I'm missing my Baby like hell...

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