Tuesday, July 04, 2006

OMG... only [10] days left!

I've contacted the person in charge of the on campus applications. He has just informed me that I am next on the list if there's a cancellation... So, please please pray that some one cancels their application ok? I really need a place to stay. I don't think being homeless will help anything...

But good news is that I have managed to cross off quite a few things from my list. Not to mention burn a hole in my wallet T_T

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NEED to do before 14th July 2006:

- face towel
- facial products
- laundry detergent
- vitamins
- leather shoes
- stationery
- refill for my planner

- instant noodles
Fix my Nike shoes
Confirm my accomodation in Perth (For those who don't know what's wrong with my accomodation, click here)

WANT to do before 14th July 2006:

See my Baby before I leave
Watch the following movies:
- Tokyo Drift: The Fast and Furious
- RV
- Take The Lead
- Superman Returns
Go for karaoke session
Format my laptop
Download as much TV series and anime as I can
Buy either a Nitendo DS or PSP (need help in deciding)

Another very good news is that I'll be seeing my Baby this Saturday!!! Will be meeting her in Genting. Now I just need to get a room for the 8th of July. If I can't get a room I guess I'll just go there for a day trip. It's better than not seeing my Baby =)

1 comment:

Jon said...

It's not that bad lol! Anyways, be sure not to overpack. You're only allowed 20kg.

The last time me and my family came over to Perth, we were 70kg (combined) over the limit.

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