Thursday, July 27, 2006

I'm ready to start

Okay, I've gotten my enrolment done. Got a new student ID (which btw, I look really fantastic in this time ^^) and my internet is back in my room!!!

So, I'm ready to start the new sem. Hopefully I won't cave in... Hehehe... Then again, according to Jingz, I'm like a cockroach (no, not scary & disgusting!!! Well, maybe a little scary). Yes, I'm like a cockroach because you just can't seem to kill those little buggers no matter how hard you try. They will SURVIVE!!!

So, I also will SURVIVE!!!

Of course, there will be times where I feel like dying and giving up, I will somehow make it through and SURVIVE!!! Hehehe...

Anyways, this is a short post. Need to sleep. Got a fever and I'm gonna wake up early tomorrow to settle my laundry. And I've got dinner with a few friends as well since one of them is going to leave Perth for good. Dang, I wish it was me leaving...

Haha... The sem hasn't even started and I wanna leave. See how much hell I'm in?

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