Sunday, July 30, 2006

It is time to start

Classes start tomorrow. My classes are all from 5.30-8.30pm from Monday to Thursday. Sighz... I'm only worried about how can I go back so late. Will have to depend on the campus' courtesy bus. And it only comes once an hour. I hope my classes won't last until 8.30 exactly so that I can leave earlier to catch the bus.

Anyways, I'm taking 4 units this sem:
  1. Global Marketing Communications 640
  2. Buyer Behaviour and Analysis 561
  3. Marketing Intelligence and Research 562
  4. International Marketing 615

Does anyone know what those units mean? If you do, please help this person who has never taken any marketing or business related subject EVER... I'm so dead (x_X)

Oh yea, I think I might be able to get exempted from Marketing Intelligence and Research cause it's somewhat like Research Methods. I can save 2200AUD if I can get exemption not to meantion a lighter study load next sem. But should I? Cause I wasn't THAT good with research... Should I just take the unit to like "refresh" my memory?


I feel so so so stressed right now...

I know I'll get through this. Hopefully can get some sleep tonight. On a lighter note, here's how my student ID looks like. I really liked the way it turned out ^^

What do you think?

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