Thursday, July 06, 2006

Things that keep me sane [8]

As my depression and anxiety attacks become even more serious, I am desperate for entertainment that can take my mind off the fact that I will once again be leaving for Perth on the 14th (next Friday). OMG, only 8 days!!!

Anyways, here are some great videos from that has cheered me up =)

The Japanese's mind never fails to amuse me ^^

My personal favourite is the 2nd video where the 'alien' comes out from the floor. I guess you can really tell who is really brave in these kind of situations. Psst, looking macho doesn't mean you aren't afraid of green aliens popping out of the floor (no matter how silly it may sound).

And I've been reading alot of blogs lately, nothing really captured my eye except for this. It's a really great explanation to why there are 45 minute halves in a 90 minute soccer game.

Okay, if you're wondering about the list, here's the latest update:

NEED to do before 14th July 2006:

- face towel
- facial products
- laundry detergent
- vitamins
- leather shoes
- stationery
- refill for my planner

- instant noodles
Fix my Nike shoes
Confirm my accomodation in Perth (For those who don't know what's wrong with my accomodation, click here)

WANT to do before 14th July 2006:

See my Baby before I leave
Watch the following movies:
- Tokyo Drift: The Fast and Furious
- RV
- Take The Lead
- Superman Returns
Go for karaoke session

Format my laptop
Download as much TV series and anime as I can

I've decided to take away the Nintento DS or PSP cause I plan to get it in Perth. eBay's such a great place =P Besides, I can live without it. For a while, anyways.

By the way, those people who have watched Superman, don't you think his hair's too fake? And also funny cause the lil Elvis-like curl is like forever there. Even after he falls from space... *swt*

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